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UPDATE: ODAYIN Rock Band Wins Third Place In Detroit's CityVoter 2010 "Vote 4 The Best" Contest

Odayin, the band reviewed here on ROCKzology in August 2010 during a Chicago-area tour (read the original ROCKzology review by clicking here), has won third place in the Detroit, Michigan CityVoter "Vote 4 The Best" Contest, landing in the top three for the category of "Arts & Entertainment - Local Bands" out of 223 bands entered from the Detroit the band Odayin states in their reaction to the announcement made at 6AM Saturday September 25th, 2010 on WDIV-TV channel 4 Detroit (Post-Newsweek Stations, Inc./ affiliate station), "We are thrilled to have finished in the Top 5 for Best Local Bands in Detroit. Thanks to all who voted for us!". You can read the original posting here from ClickOnDetroit. A total of 239,649 votes were cast overall for the contest. Odayin videos are also featured currently on the new ROCKzology Official YouTube Channel, the ROCKzology Wikizine and on Congrats you deserve it! 'Nuff Sed.

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