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JOEY MARCANTONIO Sings His Heart Out With Original Music

In experiencing his original approach to pop-acoustic rock via Joey Marcantonio's singing and guitar work, one notices that besides the energy and intensity this kid drives into his music, he puts his heart in there too...(image above: Mike on guitar, Joey on the microphone, Dan on drums) i saw him at North Beach in Downers Grove back in May and was quite impressed...there's not much more to say than that; just be sure to check out his next show when you get a chance (currently he is working on a new album entitled "At Your Door" to be released this month July 2010) evidenced by the simple description of his (image above: Mike O"Meara loving those guitar sounds) band located on his MySpace page, making beautiful music is all that seems to matter and isn't that what counts?: "Joey Marcantonio is a singer/songwriter who hails from Chicago, IL. He is currently in the studio recording (image above: Ryan Loftsgaarden supplying the bass) his full band debut release "At Your Door". Joey has a live studio album entitled "Keep Me Believing" available for free download at Sed.

(cuurently working on July 2010 album release)

Joey Marcantonio: Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Loftsgaarden: Bass
Dan Hill: Drums, Percussion
Mike O'Meara: Electric Guitar


MANAGEMENT: / Kellner Management

LABEL: Unsigned

Here is a video/song of Joey Marcantonio's original tune "Two Birds":

Here is another original video/song from Joey Marcantonio's new album "At Your Door" to be released in July 2010:

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