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My first cousin's California blues rock band, The Laurie Morvan Band (or LMB as known by their fans on the west coast) is currently touring coast-to-coast...and I hope to catch them when they come through Illinois this week at Fitzgerald's Night Club located at 6615 Roosevelt Road, Berwyn, IL (708-788-2118) for two sets beginning at 8PM CST on July 22nd, Fitzgerald's describes the band: "Laurie Morvan’s unique, fiery guitar style has been highlighted in feature articles in Guitar Player, Vintage Guitar and Modern Guitars magazines. “Stunning California axe slinger...exhilarating electric blues guitar style” (Modern Guitars). “Morvan singes the strings” (Guitar Player). “Fearless and fresh...Morvan plays with plenty of imagination” (Vintage Guitar). Not just a wailin’ guitar slinger, Laurie is a compelling lead vocalist and songwriter who writes from personal stories filled with pain, triumph, hope, and her characteristic humor. Laurie Morvan Band concerts feature the beautiful harmonies of Laurie and backup singer Lisa Grubbs, as well as dueling solos between Laurie and bassist Pat Morvan. Keyboardist Tom Salyers’ fluid, passionate playing sparks up every show. Driving this high-energy train is drummer Kevin Murillo who lays down a powerful and intense blues rock foundation. Laurie and her band are a tight-knit unit who love performing and recording together. Their fun-loving enthusiasm leaps right off the stage…and it’s contagious!" 'Nuff Sed.

Here is a video of The Laurie Morvan Band live:

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