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YOURSELF AND THE AIR offers eclectic rock music that doesn't pollute the sound waves

I have not had the pleasure as of yet to experience this band live, but I heard about Yourself And The Air (a.k.a. YATA by fans)...through a girlfriend of one of the band members when I mentioned to her that I was the editor of a blog on rock music (can't remember why that subject came up except that I may have been at some other band venue somewhere)...she told me they would be playing at Chicago's Logan Square Auditorium on July 11th, 2010 but I missed the show I finally got around to checking them out via the internet and now that I have heard their electic form of waycool-but-sometimes-dreamlike-yet-always-at-ease-with-themselves-sounding music I can't wait to see and hear them play in appears from what I can glean from the internet that they have gone from a band of 5 down to a band of three (Erick Crosby, Drew Rasmussen, Jeff Papendorf; brothers Nicholas and James David seem to be missing as members on the band's MySpace page listing)...they sound similar to bands such as Ghostbird, We are the Storm, Coco B'S, The Got To Get Got, The Burning Hotels, and Dark Mean to mention a few...but from the tracks I have heard on the three albums they have produced - possibly a fourth one later this year called "Who's Who In The Zoo" - ("Hola mi Cielo"-2006, "Cold Outside Brings Heavy Thoughts to Think"-2007, "Friend of All Breeds"-2008) within a three year time period, they for some reason stand out from the crowd musically in my mind...can't quite put my finger on it until I encounter them live...until then I will have to be content to experience them on-line...however, so far, at first glance, the only criticism I have is that their on-line presence (not the content) could be a little more professionally polished...the sites they have chosen to promote themselves on seem quite eclectic in nature (surprised they're not on for instance where they can make use of the variety of widgets available for schedule and artist promotion or maybe a channel...they do have an Official Website though yet it fails to mention the names of the band members in their bio) but since that seems to be what their music offering is, maybe that was their intent. Look forward to meeting you guys soon...have a nice day.'Nuff Sed.


Erick Crosby - guitar, vocals
Drew Rassmussen - drums
Jeff Pappendorf - keys
(Nicholas David - Guitar ???)
(James David - bass ???)


HandsOrganics Records


Here is the latest video of the band Yourself In The Air "Sick Days" from Pushlight Media:

Here is an early video of the band called "Meet...Yourself And The Air":

(source:,, images: band's website)

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