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PARAGON Chicago Band Melds Reggae & Metal To Offer Originality

Paragon, the word defined, means a model of excellence, a peerless example or perfection of a kind..."perfection of a kind" they are as was displayed at a North Beach club show recently...on Friday July 23, 2010 which featured three rock bands (the others were Absolutely Perfect and Side Of Beef)...they were first on and led the pack, the other two bands that followed that night did not even come close. The "perfection of a kind" I am referring to is that Paragon has created/perfected a very unique and appealing musical sound...the "kind" of sound?...a very and quite original combination of heavy metal music and reggae rock (they are self-described as an alternative rock reggae band)...heavy metal reggae...there it is, a new form of playing music to my ears. They are leading the way in this new genre of music here in Chicago...have not heard anyone like them. Paragon opened with an excellent tune original called "The Fire Inside" offering up all the while a visual treat as well...vocals and lead guitar member Nate Emetti established the band's sound (complete with dreadlocks) and when it came to the fourth tune in the set, "Last Call", the drummer Frank Suda led the band throughout the song with an outstanding driving beat, losing his shirt, quite literally, in the process...the Bass Guitarist Andy Felbab would drop over his monitor waist-high from time to time to concentrate on playing his part in this professionally tight and togther sounding band...and to the right of the stage there stood Kiel Tredrea caressing his uniquely-shaped "1980s Cheap Trick-styled" guitar offering up sounds that attempted to rival Nate's savage pawing of the strings, taking turns sharing the lead guitar duties with Nate on the various songs. The twelfth cut off of their album "Paragon", an original tune called "Pancake", is a prime example of their heavy metal reggae rock music sound. Do not miss catching this band as they are a star on the rise in the Chicago rock music scene. They will be appearing in St.Charles, Illinois tonight at Real Time Sports pub.'Nuff Sed.

When: Saturday, July 24, 2010 MidNite CDT
Where: Real Time Sports pub
584 S Randall Rd
Saint Charles, IL 60174
(630) 513-8800

Nate Emetti: Vocals/Guitar
Kiel Tredrea: Vocals/Guitar
Andy Felbab: Bass
Frank Suda: Drums



Here is a video of Paragon performing their tune "Smallest Things":

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